Login Vs Install: Achieve Ultimate Efficiency with Cloud Software

Posted 08/09/2017

Cloud software is the way that technology is moving. It pays to be up to date with current technology in your business so it doesn’t become a huge task in the future!

By now, cloud software and storage should not be a foreign concept. More and more, businesses are moving their systems online. More offices are adding flexibility to their office hours with the added capability of their teams being able to work remotely from anywhere on any device.

There are still a few businesses around who resist this natural progression into current and future technology. The world of the internet is vast and hard to comprehend, this can lead to a distrust of the unknown. We understand. Except, by now there are many people who have a thorough knowledge of how it all works - there’s no danger in moving everything onto the cloud. There are only advantages to be gained.

Imagine being able to rid yourself the frustration of having to work from multiple versions of files that you have to attach to an email every time you want someone else to see it. Think about how much time you lose every time a program crashes and you haven’t saved you work in an hour. Or the slow rage that builds when your server or intranet takes 20 minutes just to show you the folder you need.

All of those infuriating little details evaporate when you move your systems onto the Cloud.

Cloud software is the way that technology is moving. It pays to be up to date with current technology in your business so it doesn’t become a huge task in the future! This realm isn’t a mystery anymore, there are millions of experts out there who are just a phone call away if you need some help. It’s time to put your trust in the Cloud.


It’s cheaper

Isn’t that something we all love hearing?

The efficiency of cloud based software eliminates the need for an onsite IT department. Technicians are able to access your system remotely and are on call around the clock.

Cloud software is very affordable, with just a subscription fee to be paid either monthly or annually. There are often varied choices of subscriptions, so you can choose what will suit your own storage needs and requirements. The online nature of these services means that if your needs change you can easily upgrade your subscription without having to move all your work onto a new server or system.

The cost of maintaining your Cloud software is next to nothing. Most cloud service providers have support desks, call centres and forums that you can access if you have any issues, included in your subscription.

Integration and Collaboration

Once you start using cloud software to run your office, you will soon notice how easily all your digital tools work together. Files can be shared seamlessly across communication platforms. Comments on projects will be pushed through as notifications. Different parts of a project can all be linked together and collaborated on by your whole team without different copies being made.

Working on the Cloud makes collaboration between a team of people a seamless process. It also allows you to bring clients into the project you’re working on for them. They are able to give feedback and make comments where and when it is needed, with your software keeping track of all changes made along the way.

Cloud software makes projects shareable and reduces double handling of files. It makes communication around any work clear and well recorded. Any person needing to get up to date with a project can jump online and immediately catch up on where it is up to and any previous communication around what has already been done.

Unlimited Storage

With the whole internet as your oyster, you no longer have to worry about servers filing up and slowing down. With cloud based software and storage systems, you have unlimited storage capacity.

This means you never have to clear our your email inbox, you never have to delete old files taking up space. Unlimited storage means that you can have all your archives stored in one place and you can access them at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.

Using software that is based online also means that your own computer doesn’t fill up with huge programs or folders full of images. Taking these things online means that your computer space is freed up and you can operate at full speed. Not having huge files take up all your memory and slowing your computer down is a big plus.


With cloud based software, your systems are more secure than they would be on a location dependent server.

Backups happen as you work, constantly saving your work and keeping a record of all files on an online database. Have you ever been working on a big document, getting totally stuck into it, and then the program you’re using crashes and you realise you haven’t saved your work in two hours? It’s a familiar tale, but soon to be a distant memory. When you are using cloud based systems, your work is saved and backed up constantly as you are working on it.

Updates for online software are released frequently, reducing the risks of hacking and data loss. They are quick and easy to update, often with a reminder popping up on your screen with just a button to click to start the process.

Keeping your information secure on the Cloud is as simple as making sure that you are using strong and unique passwords for all your different accounts. Your cloud service provider will take care of the rest. The security of Cloud based software and storage is hugely advanced due to the magnitude of its customer base. The most likely way you will encounter any security breaches in your Cloud software is if someone gains access to or guesses your password. If your password is strong, you will not have an issue with security. There is even software available now that will help you create and manage a catalogue of strong, unique passwords so that you don’t have to remember them all.

Device independence/available anywhere

More and more, businesses are becoming location independent. Staff are figuring out that they can work remotely and have a more balanced work/life ratio. This is also a plus for businesses who don’t want to lose great staff if they decide to move away. Start ups are running businesses from multiple living rooms with the use of cloud software. The ability to be able to work from your favourite cafe (as long as they have wifi) is winning people over.

Through cloud based workflow and communications systems, staff are able to work remotely with the same speed and clear communication as if they were sitting in the office with the rest of the team.

The use of cloud based software means that work is not bound to an office location or a single computer. If necessary, a team member is able to jump online and log straight into a project to pick up where the last person left off. This gives much more capacity to your team overall.

Cloud based software is the easiest way to increase the efficiency of your workplace. Basing all information in a central location online that can be accessed by anyone in your team, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using, gives you a huge advantage.

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