Our Team

We are a tight group of passionate people with big ideas. Based in Alice Springs, our close-knit work environment enables us to cooperate exceptionally well, push each other to think bigger and create innovative solutions in the process.



Our fearless leader, go-getter and ideas man. Brad is a “yes” man, always pushing to take HutSix further into new digital landscapes. The proud father of HutSix.


IT Development Project Manager

Overseer of all our projects here at HutSix, making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. Osman pushes and supports our team to get the best results.


Senior Developer

Our resident FullStack Developer. Johan is a web development guru who works across a wide breadth of technologies and platforms with a specialisation in Front End skills and problem solving.


Senior Developer

The definition of Ryan’s title proves elusive even for us! Suffice to say his years of experience have made him an expert at realising complex projects and implementing structured solutions. He is a valued and multi-skilled member of the team.



Hassan works behind the scenes on some of our longest projects. He makes sure that our long term clients are supported and that the software we have built continues to run without a hitch, making everyone’s lives easier and more efficient.



An impressively rapid learner (in the fast paced changing world of web, apps and IT.) Luke works predominantly on our support tickets, ensuring frictionless operation of our clients’ web pages.


Human Resources

An all round people person. Kate ensures that any new addition to the team will fit perfectly within the company and the way that it operates, supporting them through this experience.


Finance Manager

Is good with the numbers, keeping all the cheques and balances in line. Angelina is all about order and precision in her work.

“We have been very happy with working with everyone at HutSix and look forward to a continuing fruitful relationship.”

- Colin Leel, Vatu Sanctuary

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