Alice Wanderer Website

A tourism website that takes advantage of the stunning imagery involved in the business.

Alice Wanderer came to us looking for a revamp of their old website, using current technology to suit a tourism based audience that primarily uses mobile devices. This was necessary to bring this local business up to date into the modern and digital age, comparable with their larger competitors.

The site was built in response to the fact that visitors tend not to plan their activities and organise things ad hoc when they arrive at their destination. Travellers predominantly use mobile devices to plan things on the go. It was important for this to be easily accessed by mobile for visitors to Alice Springs planning tours/trips.

The design was intended to avoid large blocks of text and utilise some of the great imagery that the area has to offer. This made the site visually appealing and easily grabbed the audience's attention with information being easy to digest and images creating excitement for the potential activities.

This website was developed with the integration of a third party booking software, to make the process of booking tours straightforward and easy to access directly from the website.

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