The creation of an all encompassing web application to handle enrolments, communications, ecommerce and the entire course management system.

During our information architecture planning for the new CRANAplus website, we identified fundamental problems with the site structure. We used Google Analytics on the current site to identify the issues which allowed us to create an information architecture strategy to overcome the issues users were facing.

In particular, the courses sections were extremely hard to navigate. Courses generate a significant amount of revenue for the client. Knowing this, we made it a priority in our project plan to ensure that this section of the site was completely redesigned for optimal user experience, to both increase engagement and course registrations.

We created a completely new education and courses section that used filters for courses, rather than splitting the different categories and individual courses out into separate pages. Our proposed solution reduced the navigation depth from 3 layers deep to 1, allowing users to browse all available courses on a single page, aided by filters. The filters allow users to search for specific courses, for example Nationally Recognised Training courses or courses running in particular locations.

We validated the success of this approach by testing it against a core user group and also through analytics on the production site.

This approach and strategy proved to be overwhelmingly successful with users, post public launch as revenue and course bookings have increased significantly.

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