DKA Solar Centre Website

A new interactive interface and responsive design for the DKA Solar Centre.

We were approached by the team at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre to redevelop their existing site, which had become outdated and hard to use.

The solar centre is an education resource for the public and provides the industry with long term solar generation data.

We started by redesigning the navigation, to allow mobile and tablet users access to a majority of the site content. In addition, we redesigned how the data download and graphing sections worked, to make them easier to use and compare solar output.

We also redesigned the map and the installation sites to allow access to a range of the solar installation information, directly from the home page map.

We custom designed a special database to store hundreds of millions of measurements from the solar panels and inverters from the DKS Solar Centre in Alice Springs, that's nearly 8 years of real time information. Also stored is the power output and efficiency for each panel and weather information (temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed, amount of sunlight).

Using complex queries, we process and shape the data to let website users easily visualise all those measurements, the charts are generated within seconds despite the huge amount of data stored on file.

The data is charted using Google Charts to create visual presentations and comparisons, or to provide us with files that we constantly update to enable industry professionals, researchers, students and solar technology enthusiasts to download comprehensive data about solar panels, inverters and other equipment.

The database and files are hosted on a high performance dedicated server; with raided SSD drives. 

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