Talice Security CRM

A Customer Relations Management system that streamlines work processes

We worked with Talice Security to create a completely responsive online Customer Relations Management application. Previously all processes were paper based, by taking this system online errors have been reduced as documents are able to be proofed live from any device that has access to the internet.

The Talice Security CRM was built to run their shifts. Staff are able to log instances in real time when they are on site, take photos and upload them. The system automatically connects with Xero accounting software, creating automatic invoices to customers for specific call outs or instances.

The CRM automates reports for the end of every month for clients. This previously was a job that took two weeks to collate and send out manually. The reports operate to a template so that each report is professionally designed - upgrading from using Microsoft Word formatting.

The CRM (Talice plus) has increased Talice’s client base, they are able to easily demonstrate their professionality, client experience, strong security processes.

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