The Beanie Festival Website

A website redesign following an organic and a real focus on the end user experience.

We worked with The Beanie Festival to redesign their website to boost its functionality, creating a mobile friendly site that caters to the needs of the visitors, volunteers and participants of the festival.

They wanted to have the festival dates in prime place on the homepage, for sponsors to be obvious and user experience to be top notch.

The site also includes an e-commerce shop, making it easy for visitors to the site to purchase merchandise and products related to the festival.

The community aspect of the festival was a huge driver in the design of this website. Volunteers, makers, workshops hosts are a big part of the Beanie festival and that needed to be reflected in the digital experience. The site is designed to get people involved with a real focus on the end user experience.

The site's aesthetic was made to reflect the atmosphere of the festival with an organic ‘no sharp edges’ look. It also needed to carry over to each year with the ability to easily update the theme. Making the information easy to find meant a reduction in phone calls, creating more time for facilitators to focus on the event.

As part of this redesign, we simplified information structures and made the key features of the website prominent, making it easy to find all the information that was key for anyone involved or visiting the festival.

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