Tiwi Islands Regional Council Website

A regionally focused, digital hub for everything happening within the Tiwi Islands.

We were engaged to redesign the existing Tiwi Islands Regional Council website, creating a hub for everything happening within the council as well as the wider community.

The existing site was hard to navigate, with no clear navigation pattern and the content was outdated.

We started by auditing the existing site content and creating a clear, hierarchical navigation system for the new site.

Accessibility was the driving force behind the content restructure and underpinned the decision making process for the new site layout, as the site needed to load quickly due to the lack of high quality broadband available to the primary users.

The new site is fully responsive, allowing access to key information from mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Using Craft as the CMS platform also allows easy updating of site content, ensuring it stays up to date and relevant for all users.

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