Custom Solutions

We know that a custom web application should do everything that you need to operate effectively within your organisation. HutSix has created many customised databases that are tailor made to meet our clients' needs.

Because there are no compromises made and the perfect applications have been created, efficiency is increased, workflow is streamlined, organisations are transformed.

These custom solutions allow businesses to have their entire work systems in one place. Our solutions can get rid of paperwork and physical filing systems completely. Out of date manual systems that may usually consume several hours and be passed through multiple people, can be streamlined to be done from anywhere, getting where it needs to go with one click.

These systems are perfect for large organisations with large teams, or who have staff working across different locations. All staff use the same system for their day to day procedures and everything is synced to the same place so it can be viewed or worked on by the right people at the right time.

These applications are also available on a smaller scale, for those who just can’t find what they need in an off-the-shelf product. We are able to completely customise a web-based application so that it will do what you need it to. Come to us with a problem and we will solve it.

“HutSix has been a phenomenal company to work with in the development of our Website and CRM. We continue to be amazed at the power and control we were able to gain through HutSix’s customised approach to our complex business functions.”

- Steven Dangard, CRANAplus

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