Hosting & Domains

We use our own hosting and domains for all of our web applications, databases and websites, eliminating third party delays and complications.

Hosting through the same people that are building your application means that if there is a problem at the server, we can see and correct it straight away. You have minimal downtime on your application because we have complete access to all ends of the system.

We don’t have to wait around for third parties to resolve issues with servers that may be in a different country, we don’t have to rely on servers operated by people who don’t know you or us or anything we’re trying to do. We know exactly what your needs are and can operate in real time with servers that we know are working to your advantage.

“We’d like to thank the team at HutSix for making the transition of our website and CMS data a smooth & quick process, without any hassles, and it's now s^#! loads faster!”

- Tony Spencer, Director at Redpath Education

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