HutSix is passionate about continuous improvement, which means we don’t walk out the door as soon as your new website or custom solution is live. Because of the constantly changing and evolving nature of the digital world, once we build something online we are committed to see it grow and evolve as it needs to.

The website or application that we deliver to you is really just the first phase of your journey with us. Your needs will evolve and change as your organisation does. We are here to be able to adapt those changes along the way.

Similarly, the digital world is a fast moving, constantly changing machine. Without regular updating and tweaking, digital applications can quickly fall behind. We are committed to seeing you along this journey and working with your product regularly to ensure that small fixes don’t become out of hand disasters.

For us, it is important to build a relationship with our clients - with you! As we work together on your project, listening to your requirements and teaching you how to use your new software we develop a personal understanding of what you need and how we can work with you to achieve it, in the short term and the long.

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