Who We Are

In World War II, Hut Six was one of the code-breaking and intelligence centres at Bletchley Park in the United Kingdom. Home of the famous Bombe machine created by Alan Turing to crack the Enigma Code, it was in many ways the birthplace of computing and electronic security.

Carrying on this legacy, HutSix engineers continuous improvement to keep our clients up to date with the latest technology. We work with clients across Australia and the world to develop innovative digital solutions that increase efficiency and client engagement, improving the way businesses operates both on and off line.

Advances in cloud based solutions and online systems have changed the landscape for organisations from business to non government organisations, offering unrivalled efficiency, ease of use, security and stability. Our ability to help these solutions grow and evolve with your organisation and your client’s changing needs and behaviour means you’re always at the leading edge of technology.

HutSix is a team of digital masterminds, working with businesses, organisations and even government departments to provide streamlined digital solutions in a fast moving, web based world. Our extensive range of capabilities means that we are able to meet our clients every need and transform ideas into realities. As a talented group of developers, design specialists a copywriter and a dedicated project manager we have the capacity to see a project through at the highest standard from beginning to end.

Our solutions are completely based on the client's needs and include everything from complex websites, to digital campaigns, web applications and customer relation management software. Our approach is rooted in sound digital strategy - the right solution for the client regardless of the size or scale of their operation.

What differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that we can completely customise any of the digital solutions we provide to suit exactly what you require them for. When it comes to the digital world, the possibilities are endless. We can help to guide you through options you may not even be aware of. That is the beauty of the digital world, if you have the expertise, your options are limitless and, when you pair with HutSix, the expertise is exactly what you have!

Our head office is in Alice Springs and we also have an office in Darwin, Northern Territory. We service clients from across Australia and internationally.

The Team

Johan Douma


Ryan Castle


Brad Bellette


Regan Lawton


Hau Nguyen


Muneeb Minhas

Project Manager

Luke McDonnell


Angelina Comley